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Play'n GO has realized the theme of the Greek gods in its release of the Rise of Olympus slot game.

Released on 22 August 2018, Rise of Olympus is a 5x5 grid slot featuring falling and divine symbols. Plus, with their superpowers, the Greek gods help you win bigger prizes in the free spins round and 2 bonus games. You can win up to €1,000,000 in this extremely versatile slot!

Swap the girly pink slot for a muscular Greek god and you get the Rise of Olympus slot game. However, the features and mechanics you love remain the same. You'll have muscular Greek gods to help you throughout the game. Put simply, this slot is the male version of Moon Princess. With numerous prizes, features and falling symbols, players stay engaged and interested throughout. Rise of Olympus is a top choice at slots sites new for many players.

The five-reel, five-row video slot offers three different bonus features. The theme of Greek mythology has always seemed attractive and inspiring to filmmakers, casino game developers and of course - video slot creators. In addition, different features such as Hand of God and Wrath of Olympus make the game more interesting.

Hand of God allows you to create winning combinations, while to activate Wrath of Olympus, you have to wait for the counter to recharge. Your journey is through Heaven, Hell and also the Sea, as Zeus, Poseidon and Hades stick around to help you!

Exciting symbols of the gods in play

Below is a list of all the symbols in the Rise of Olympus slot game:

  • Wild (Pegasus Gold Coin) - The highest paying symbols - 50x payouts for getting 5 in a row.

  • Zeus - This is one of the premium symbols, which pays out 10x for getting 5 in a row

  • Poseidon - This is another of the premium symbols that pays out 10x for getting 5 in a row.

  • Hades - This is also one of the premium symbols that pays out 10x for getting 5 in a row

  • Harp - This is one of the lower value symbols that pays out 3x.

  • Helmet - Another of the lower value symbols that pays 3x.

  • Trident - Poseidon's trident also pays 2x.

  • Lightning bolt - Another of the lower value symbols that pays 2x.

The main objective is to connect 3 identical symbols horizontally or vertically to win.

Play The Rise of Olympus Slot Online - How to play and win BIG!

You need a minimum of three identical symbols to win any prize. Also, the addition of a 5x5 grid to the 2018 version of the game has allowed more room for winning combinations. Instead of using old, outdated paylines and ways to win, Play'n GO took players by storm , when it released a video slot that allows you to win big prizes by matching symbols on the reels vertically or horizontally.

The betting range is excellent and suitable for all types of players. You can bet from €0.20 to €100.

The Greek gods will help you create prize-winning combinations and are themselves present on the reels as high value symbols. The Pegasus is the wild symbol that substitutes for all other symbols. The harp is the last of the low-value symbols.

Standing victorious

Landing three or more identical symbols in a row allows you to create winning combinations.

The main objective in Rise of Olympus is to completely wipe out everything on the grid. Unlike mainstream games based on tumbling reels. In Rise of Olympus, new symbols do not fall into place after winning combinations have disappeared from the reels.

Another great feature of Olympus in this game is that if you manage to remove all symbols from the grid during the free spins feature, you'll reward yourself with another 200 coins!

Rise of Olympus - Super bonus rounds

As mentioned, you must land three or more symbols vertically or horizontally to win. Winning combinations disappear as new combinations appear to create further winning combinations.

Designed as a 5x5 grid with overlapping symbols falling from above, Rises of Olympus is incredibly fun to play. In addition, winning combinations result in the appearance of a wild symbol on the grid. This wild symbol causes the multiplier to increase with each progressive win.

Hand of God bonus feature

A special feature of the Rise of Olympus game is known as Hand of God. It is randomly activated during non-winning spins, and the top prize you win depends on which of the three Greek gods is activated next to the reels. Below are the prizes you will win from each of the gods:

  • Zeus - This symbol causes Zeus to destroy two sets of symbols, the symbols fall and new symbols appear in their place

  • Poseidon - Rewards 1 or 2 wilds that appear on the grid.

  • Hades - will transform a set of symbols into new symbols.

Special feature - Wrath of God

The Olympus feature will only be triggered when the on-screen Olympus meter is full. This meter is filled by landing identical winning symbols of the Greek gods. A winning combo of 5 identical symbols will fill 3 quarters of the meter. At the same time, a 4 symbol winning combination will fill 2 quarters of the counter. A 3 symbol combination will fill one quarter of the counter. Each time the counter is full, you get free spins, after which the 3 Hand of God features are activated continuously.

Rise of Olympus free spins feature

Removing all symbols from the 5x5 grid will, in effect, activate the free spins feature. After this, you have three different free spins options corresponding to the Greek gods and their distinctive Hand of God bonuses. Below are the three options you receive:

  • Zeus - You get eight free spins and the special Zeus Hand of God feature. In addition to the randomly activated bonuses, you also get two extra spins if you fill the counter to 20 .

  • Poseidon - This results in 5 free spins in addition to the Poseidon Hand of God feature on each non-winning spin.

  • Hades - You get 4 free spins, plus the Hades Hand of God feature on this option. Filling the counter will result in an additional 4 free spins. 

You can win up to 20x, or get an instant win of 100x by removing all symbols from the grid. Another plus is that the multiplier doesn't reset with each win. 

Maximum wins in Rise of Olympus

It is true that the Rise of Olympus game does not include a progressive maxwin jackpot. However, the maximum prize of 5,000 times the stake is a generous amount. This means that you can win up to €1,000,000 by playing with the highest possible stake.

Rise of Olympus game - free to play

Find your favourite online casino here on BETO and take advantage of their online slots and play the demo version for free. The best way to test the game and analyse it without any risk is to play the free demo on BETO. Moreover, the high payout after placing the maximum bet and winning big will surely motivate you to play for real money.

Rise of Olympus on all platforms: mobile and tablets

Rise of Olympus works well on all platforms. You can play this fantastic game on both mobile and tablet. Whether handheld or not, it runs smoothly on all devices. So don't wait any longer! Play this addictive game right now on your Android, iPhone or iPad without any bugs.

Incredible Olympus RTP and volatility factor

Rise of Olympus is an incredibly versatile slot that is light to run on all devices.

According to the Play'n GO scale, this game's volatility score is the highest of any other slot, and as a result, you should be aware and cautious and bet according to what your pocket can afford.

In addition to this, the game has an RTP of 96.6%. This is better than the average RTP in the industry.

The Rise of Olympus review

This game is unique and imaginative thanks to the introduction of a matching style of three and bonus features and enticing effects.

User-friendly and smooth gameplay

This exciting slot can be complicated compared to others. However, it is still relatively easy to understand how the game works. What's more, it's user-friendly and easy to understand how all the bonus features work. Besides, the way the Greek gods guide you throughout the game and activate the Hand of God feature during no-win spins makes the game more exciting and fun. In addition, filling up the Olympus meter will send the gods into a power frenzy that will allow you to win prizes and free spins.

Amazing bonus features

The most exciting part of the game for players is removing all the symbols from the grid. The potential for winning is huge. Not to mention that with every free spin, there is the potential to win 500 times your stake. What's more, you can change the level of volatility depending on the Greek god you choose. For players who are looking for action and are fans of Greek mythology, Rise of Olympus is the perfect choice.

A large part of the audience enjoys this Greek theme and we expect to see crowds of spinners eager to play this game and try out the extra features, because the more features, the greater the chance of big wins. In our opinion, Rise of Olympus is a great game. Remember to respect the gods and they will reward you with various free spins options and bonuses.

All in all, Play'n GO has outdone itself with the release of this gem of a slot game. Do you have what it takes to win it all? Go ahead, claim your welcome bonus and give it a try!

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